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Apply Your Senses

What is that one thing strikes our mind and forces us to think twice about our existence? It is the thought and question of our survival which tingles our mind now and then. It is a pertinent query which is bound to arise. We cannot run away from it. You …

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Apply Simple Rules of Life

It is an amazing feeling to see a smile on everybody’s faces. It automatically triggers us to giggle or laugh as well. That is the beauty of happiness.  It is infectious and most importantly relatable. It lights up the mood and normalises hormones of one’s body. It soothes you internally …

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Advantageous Bonus

Bonuses peter out the dwindling confidence on our ability to spend money. Similarly, offers are distributed to reach out to the last person standing in the line. It is also the Science of consumerism to earn money. But when we see the overall perspective, the not so privileged people get …

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Act Smartly

If everything is going smooth in life then that is the time to do something extraordinary. Because whatever you do with free and happy mind things will be manifested in a much better way. Your efforts will be out of happiness and not compulsion. That space leads you toward success. …

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The Slot Games

We prefer to pounce or prefer things that are in our slot. One of the biggest reasons is that they are easy to get and simple to foster. It is the human tendency to prioritize stuff which is within their reach. Same goes for the computer-generated games or high-resolution computer …

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Owning A Casino

There would be hardly any being apart from saints, who would not want a big business. People look up to Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos to establish an empire akin to Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and several others. To get to their dreams, they study, make plans, do observations, …

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